• 2014 Meteor Showers | StarDate Online

    A brand new meteor shower could light up the pre-dawn sky on May 24, perhaps firing off hundreds of “shooting stars.” The shower would be spawned by debris ...
  • Meteor shower - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    A meteor shower is a celestial event in which a number of meteors are observed to radiate, or originate, from one point in the night sky. These meteors are ...
  • Meteor Showers | American Meteor Society

    A brief period of heightened meteor activity, often occurring regularly in a particular part of the sky at a particular time of year. Meteor showers are generally ...
  • Meteor Shower Calendar | American Meteor Society

    As we approach the date of each shower's maximum, be sure to consult the latest AMS article about Meteor Showers, which will provide in depth information on ...
  • Meteor Showers - Time and Date

    Sometimes, meteors occur in clusters known as meteor shower. Meteor showers occur when a comet comes close to the sun and produces debris - meteoroids ...
  • Meteor Showers 2014 - Meteorwatch.org

    The table below shows dates, times and basic information on each of the the annual meteor showers in 2014. A summary for each meteor shower will follow with ...
  • EarthSky's meteor shower guide for 2014 | Astronomy ...

    5 gün önce - It's almost time to watch for a possible meteor shower on the night of May 23-24. That's when Earth will encounter debris from Comet ...
  • Meteor Shower Calendar - Android Apps on Google Play

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    Would you like to know when the next meteor shower is? This app will display a list of upcoming meteor showers and the approximate date in which they will ...
  • Leonids - Meteor Showers Online

    The Leonid meteor shower has produced some of the most spectacular meteor displays in history, but it is unfortunately periodic in nature. The Leonids ...
  • Meteor Showers Guide 2014 - Old Farmers Almanac

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    See the Almanac's Meteor Showers Guide for 2014 for the dates of all the principal meteor showers during the year—plus viewing tips.
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